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Exhibition « Dreamlands » in the Centre Pompidou in Paris in 2010:

The visitor firstly dives into late 19th – beginning of 20th centuries in park festivities….in Coney Island and in Europe, precisely in Paris…with the excentricity of the social middle-class and bourgeoisie of the time, happy thanks to the genuine and candid gloriousness of this time, just before the war starts…A world of happiness and of colourful dimensions.

We are amazed to see the Universal Exhibition in Paris, full of buildings of many cultures (byzantine, russian, egyptian…) that abound on the Seine banks:


The exhibition is presenting artpieces from the charming old-fashioned athmosphere of the pre-war time to the nowaday time-swiftness and technological sterilized world that opens its door to us nowadays: Various impersonnal environments recreated, as ilots poping all across the world, displaying ancient cities of « old » Europe, as if they were going to vanish away and that were needed to be  crystallized…(cf Las Vegas)

Disturbing pieces of art as this work by Pierre Huygues that shows a decorum deprived of any forms of life: everything is perfect and under control…

Many « ideal » cities through time..from fastness to coldness..


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